During the World Championship 2015 (Worlds) League of Legends showed once again that it is by far and away simply the best, when it comes to spectator interest. Not only arenas in Paris, Brussels, London and Berlin were filled completely but also new records regarding viewership numbers were set.

In total, 36 million unique viewers watched the worlds’ biggest eSports event which went on for five weeks. Over the same time period eSport fans from all over the world watched a total amount of 386 million hours. The final match between the Korean teams of SK Telecom T1 and Koo Tigers was seen by 14 million concurrent viewers at its peak.

Growth: Viewership numbers Worlds 2015 – compared to 2014

Compared to the previous year, the World Championship had 27 million viewers and during the final game 11 million fans tuned in.

Viewership numbers of the League of Legends World Championship 2014/2015

 Worlds 2014Worlds 2015  
Unique Viewers (UV)27.000.00036.000.000
Peak Concurrent Viewers (PCU)11.000.00014.000.0000
Total cumulative daily unique impressions288.000.000344.000.000
Hours viewed194.000.000 360.000.000
Average concurrent viewership (ACU) -4.200.000

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