EVOS Esports, the leading esports organization in Southeast Asia, has announced that Chek Hup Coffee, an award-winning coffee brand headquartered in Ipoh, Malaysia, as a sponsor for EVOS Esports’ team based in Malaysia. The sponsorship consists of coffee supplies and cross-marketing activations, including brand ambassadorship of EVOS Esports’ talents.

Joseph Tan, Managing Director of Chek Hup Holding said: “Chek Hup is new to esports and we are excited to work together with EVOS Esports, to introduce Millennials and Gen Zs to our company’s latest offerings, Chek Hup Coffee Brown and Chek Hup Convenience Cup Series, to allow gamers to enjoy an appealing aroma of mildly roasted Arabica coffee in an instant while gaming. We will also be featuring EVOS Esports’ talents as brand ambassadors in our latest marketing campaign, giving away more than 500 prizes including the iconic Vespa motorcycle, mobile phones, electrical appliances and Chek Hup vouchers. Chek Hup is always open to innovation and we believe esports and gaming will help us connect better with our next generation of consumers.”

Ivan Yeo, co-founder and CEO of EVOS Esports said: “EVOS Esports is honoured to partner with Chek Hup in Malaysia. Having an established coffee brand like Chek Hup supporting the esports industry further cements Chek Hup as an innovative brand, that understands the power and influence of the esports and gaming culture, as reports indicate people are spending more time at home communicating with their friends via this platform.”

EVOS Esports will be producing exclusive videos highlighting Chek Hup Coffee’s products, including brand integration on EVOS Esports jersey, online community engagement events with their fans and interactive social media campaigns.

Chek Hup is also a major exporter to Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, the Philippines, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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About Chek Hup Coffee

Chek Hup was established in Ipoh, Malaysia in the mid 1900’s, marking the birth of a unique brand that is known for its special brew of roasted coffee beans. Chek Hup is founded by a true coffee enthusiast who merged the local flavoring and culture with freshly roasted premium coffee beans. Being an innovative corporation, Chek Hup had brewed up an entire range of goodness for any time and occasion! Chek Hup has expanded its brand thousands of miles across the globe, introducing its rich, creamy taste and aroma to new taste buds each day. Chek Hup offers over a dozen different products and exclusive blends. The Chek Hup R&D team constantly updates the range of goodness with revolutionary beverages such as the iconic 3-in-1 Ipoh White Coffee designed to provide a perfect cuppa anytime, anywhere. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chekhup.com.my/. Website: https://chekhup.com.my/.

About EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports is the leading esports organization in Southeast Asia; winning world championship titles; Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M1) 2019 and Free Fire World Cup 2019. EVOS Esports has raised a total of US$16.4M investment to-date from Korea Investment Partners, Insignia Ventures Partner, Mirae Asset Ventures, Woowa Brothers, Indogen Capital and family offices across Southeast Asia and Japan. EVOS Esports currently manages 160 gaming influencers exclusively and partners with over 200 esports talents, with a total following of over 64 million YouTube subscribers and over 62 million Instagram followers, and over 350 million views per month across Southeast Asia. EVOS Esports was founded in 2017, housing competitive esports teams across six game titles. The 120-employee company operates in five countries and three teams from EVOS represented Singapore and Indonesia in SEA Games 2019. Additionally, EVOS Esports provides talents with streaming contracts, brand endorsement deals, content programming, creator collaborations, digital rights management, monetization, offline event opportunities, manage their social media channels and content creation. EVOS Esports site: https://www.evosesports.com.

(Image) Source: Press release