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Paysafecard to sponsor Electronic Sports League events

Global market leader for electronic prepaid transactions paysafecard is going to be sponsoring future Electronic Sports League (ESL) events

The first event to be sponsored by paysafecard is going to be the ESL One in Frankfurt. The event will take place on June 20th and 21st in the Commerzbank Arena where the world’s best Defense of the Ancients (DotA2) teams will compete for $250.000 in prize money. Last year 12.500 eSports fans watched the event live. In addition it was also streamed by half a million concurrent viewers during prime time on various online streaming services.

“Digital games have become a natural part of our everyday lives. And paysafecard is a natural part of this virtual entertainment world. This is not surprising as paysafecard makes it possible to pay for items and upgrades in seconds without having to leave a game. Anyone who has a hobby will be able to appreciate being able to concentrate on what’s important instead of trivia, such as how to pay. Our prepaid payment method makes a decisive contribution to this convenience.” says Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard about the company’s eSports engagement.

Paysafecard is also going to be sponsoring the ESL One in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Participants will be playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and compete for prize money of 250.000 USD. According to the official press statement, 225.000 players and 54.000 teams from all over the world have been participating in qualifying rounds leading up to the tournaments.

Image source: © eslgaming.com, Photographer: Helena Kristiannson


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