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Sport property continues commitment to eSports

Spanish basketball club, Saski Baskonia, has completed integration and re-branding of the Atlantis eSports organization. Renamed Baskonia eSports, the division will operate with sponsorship support from Mars Gaming; the merger between the two was announced last year. Baskonia sits at the forefront of a very promising model of traditional sport properties integrating competitive gaming entities into their fold. Given the nascent state of eSports, first movers like Baskonia will benefit from drastically lower barriers to entry; although, there is significant progress to be made in defining the scope of these relationships. Nonetheless, the parallels between sport and eSport offer a mutually beneficial opportunity for both sides of the physical/digital divide.

The takeoff of gaming as entertainment

TechCrunch features some interesting insight on the economics of live streaming. According to the article, top streamers on Twitch can guarantee more income by being more entertaining than winning prize pools. However, the focus should be bigger than if being popular streamer pays more than winning competitive gaming competitions; it should be on the rapid emergence of gaming as bona fide entertainment genre. eSports is part of this occurrence, not the other way around. The continued expansion and popularity of gaming related content, delivered over streaming platforms, will only increase over the next 2 – 3 years. Some will be of the competitive variety, e.g. tournaments and matches, others will not. A big driver will be the emergence of consistent programming and organization for the content being delivered over these streaming outlets; something which has gone noticeably absent.

eSports TV crossover begins with a laugh

Turner’s ELEAGUE began life at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. However, it was an impromptu exchange between the Turner Sports broadcast panel and its eSports counterpart that stood out. The clip, available here on YouTube, features Shaquille (Shaq) O’Neal, a former all-time great NBA player, engaging in playful banter with members of the eSports analyst desk; a brief back-and-forth which could spell a winning formula for Turner.

A huge hurdle for competitive gaming on American cable TV is its lack of social context. By tying in angles like Shaq vs. the eSports desk, Turner has a nicely placed interlude for eSports amongst mainstream audiences. It’s worth watching how they leverage this angle moving forward.

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