Among several other investors, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks (NBA), has invested 7 million USD in eSports-startup Unikrn.

Unikrn is a platform which focuses on betting in eSports. Billionaire Mark Cuban sits atop a list of investors who financially supported the Seattle-based company with $7 million.

“I only put my money and my name on the companies that I feel will be successful, truly advance an industry and have a leadership team that I respect. Unikrn fits all these requirements” so Cuban on his investment in an official press statement. “The rapid growth of eSports has created an entire new category of competition and I am proud to partner with Rahul Sood and his team to help bring eSports to an even greater audience. As a sport fanatic and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, I’m excited to be involved with a new sport just as it’s poised for huge growth” so Cuban. – Platform for betting on eSports
Unikrn Webseite

Co-founder of Unikrn, Rahul Sood was able to gather $3 million in November 2014 and is pleased with the confidence placed in the company by other investors: “Working with Jonathan (Binary Capital) and his team has been an experience to say the least. They have helped us pivot at the beginning, and they always refer to us as ‘we’ even before they pulled the trigger. They’re an incredible partner with vast consumer branding and eSports experience. And, with the help of our other amazing investors, our vision of bringing safe and legal wagering on eSports to consumers around the world is now well within our grasp.” Some of the main investors include Jonathan Teo and Justin Caldbeck of Binary Capital as well as Advancit Capital, Freelands Group, 500 Startups, Indicator Ventures and Tabcorp.

Unikrn currently employs 19 people worldwide, of which the majority is based in their Seattle headquarters. A portion of the investment is going to be used to hire new employees as well as marketing. In July, the eSports-company released a new version of their website. Also, a new version of the site will be targeting the US-market, where betting on is not legally allowed at this time.

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