It is widely known that League of Legends or DotA2 are attracting millions of viewers. Now, the same can be said for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Last week, the tactical first-person shooter series reached another milestone during the ESL One in Katowice, Poland. More than one million viewers watched the finals, marking a historical record.

More than 700.000 viewers watched the final game on the streaming platform, where the Swedish teams fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas battled each other for the prize money of $250.000. Additionally, 300.000 viewers were following the game on an ingame-client. In comparison: Last year the highest number of viewers during the IEM Katowice was 250.000. This is a growth of 300%.

600.000 concurrent viewers also watched the game via the online platform Steam. Michael Blicharz, product manager at Intel Extreme Masters commented on this milestone in CS:GO history: “A million peak ccu for ESL One CS:GO. CS didn’t just break down the door on its comeback. It broke down the entire wall”.

StarCraft 2 and League of Legends

TThe ESL One’s CS:GO tournament was not the only event which attracted thousands of viewers. 2.6 million viewers watched the US Team SoloMid beat the Chinese Team World Elite in League of Legends during the Intel Extreme Master Championship. The event also hosted a StarCraft 2 tournament, where the final game between South Korean players Joo Sung Wook (Zest) and Cho Sung Ho (Trap) was watched by 156.000 people, generating another peak.

The Intel Extreme Masters are making their cinema debut

During the event they announced that it will be possible to watch the Intel Extreme Masters in cinemas this year. The documentary “ALL WORK ALL PLAY: The Pursuit of eSports Glory” by film producer Patrick Creadon is premiering July 23rd in the ESL Studios in Burbank, California. The European premiere will take place in Cologne a few days later.

Ralf Reichert, CEO of Turtle Entertainment GmbH, commented on the official announcement: “I think this documentary and the broader partnership is symbolic of how far we’ve come. When we started out, I dreamt about us filling stadiums, but I never entertained the idea of filling cinemas. Everyone who works with Intel Extreme Masters here at ESL is passionate about esports and I think this documentary and the development of esports series programming in cinemas is a testament to that growth. I’m very excited to see esports in cinemas for years to come and can guarantee I’ll be the first to buy a ticket”.

Image source: ESL ( / Photograph: Helena Kristiansson


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