eFootball.Pro and the esports specialised TV channel ES1 have reached an agreement for the broadcasting of the eFootball.Pro League. The current season of the international electronic sports competition, for football clubs only, can be seen entirely starting this Tuesday, March 19, 2019 on the French channel.

The television channel will broadcast all of the eFootball.Pro League so that fans of the tournament and PES2019 do not miss any detail of the competition. Starting on March 19 at 11PM CET, ES1 will broadcast the eFootball.Pro League Matchday 1, that took place on December 2. Then, during March and April, the TV channel will show the remaining matchdays of the competition in order until the Finals on May 19. In addition, ES1 will air several reruns of each matchday so that spectators can have more options to find the competition at a time that suits them.

The commentary team chosen by ES1 for the eFootball.Pro League matches is made up of Alix Dulac, a Pro Evolution Soccer specialised journalist, and Sofian Le GEEK, French esports club Neo Esports manager and Youtuber.

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(Image) Source: Press release