Collegiate StarLeague working with Riot Games to present the ‘2017 uLoL Campus Series’

Riot Games is king of content marketing: League of Legends college scholarships

Riot Games sticks to their guns. While the League of Legends World Cup still isn’t over, the US-publisher and event organizer announced the North American Collegiate Championship 2015 (NACC), where students from the US and Canada can compete for $300.000 worth of scholarships.

The NACC is not the first time Riot Games has organized a college event. Last year, a college-tournament was hosted where 500 teams from over 300 Canadian and US universities participated. This year, the event is supposed to grow even bigger and changes have been made to the structure of the event. The NACC finals are estimated to take place mid-2015 in Los Angeles.

“This year, the competition’s even bigger. The season now spans the entire academic year and we’ve split North America into four competitive regions: North, South, East, and West. We’re also making it easier for new players and teams to compete by collaborating with four community partners with a solid history of running League tournaments.” – Michael Sherman, Riot Games

College scholarship thanks to League of Legends

Participants are able to win scholarships for $300.000 in total. The best team of this year’s college-season receives $30.000 per person, the team which comes in second place gets $15.000 per participant. Places three and four receive $7.500. In the U.S., community colleges demand around $3.000 per year, higher universities range from $18.000 up to the most prestigious universities with up to $40.000 per year.


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