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Social Media Tools: How eSports Teams, Players and Companies Can Engage with Their Fans

Sponsored: How eSports Teams, Players and Companies Can Boost Fan Engagement

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Social media is an inherent part of the eSports market. Teams, players and many other eSports entities use social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram as well as twitch to engage with their fans, keep them updated or share stories. And they reach millions of people.

For example, Danish League of Legends star player Soren Bjerg (Bjergsen) has more than 1M followers on twitter, 225k followers on instragram, 333k on facebook and almost 1,3M subscribers on twitch – a cumulative fanbase of more than 2,8M. One can say he is popular, maybe even the most popular eSports star in terms of social media reach.

Twitter Brofile Bjergsen

But he isn’t the only eSports player who uses social media to get in touch with his fans. It’s no surprise twitter announced that eSports had 250+ billion tweet impressions in 2016. In fact, almost every professional eSports player has an account on at least one social network, but most likely on two, three or four.

And so do eSports teams. European eSports club Fnatic (2,6M+ follower on facebook, 1M+ follower on twitter; 400k+ follower on instagram) is one among many which doesn’t only use its social media profiles to engage with their fans, but also to generate revenues.

Twitter Profile Fnatic

This revenue can be optimized by using tools such as Adpow which allows its users to engage with their fans in an easy, time-saving and effective way.

Therefore we want to take a closer look at some of the key features of Adpow:

Custom Campaigns

One of the biggest strength of Adpow is customization. You can create campaigns which contain giveaways, coupons, votes, questions and more, all coming with customizable templates making it easy to create engaging posts real quick.

Adpow Custom Campaigns


Adpow comes with a ton of setting options which make it possible to create a campaign that fits perfectly to your corporate design.

Adpow Design

This way you can make your postings unique and stand out from others.

Adpow Example


The core functions of Adpow are for free which means you can setup campaigns with settings like campaign image, campaign duration, campaign appearance, campaign rewards and more.

Adpow Freemium

If you want more features such as multi user, bitly integration or retargeting you have to choose the ‘Business Plan’ (37€/month). In case you want to target a specific group of fans (by their age or their location) or to get detailed analytics regarding your campaigns, the ‘Brand Plan’ (247€/month) is the best choice!

Adpow Plans

Try it

Due to the user friendly plans Adpow is a tool for everyone – for esports players, social media influencers and agencies. The tool itself and all its features are very easy to handle and you can create customized campaigns without any special requirements. So give it a try and test Adpow now for free.

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