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Smilegate Entertainment Announces Details for the CROSSFIRE STARS 2018 Grand Finals

Smilegate Entertainment Announces Details for the CROSSFIRE STARS 2018 Grand Finals

Smilegate Entertainment has officially announced the details of the world championship for its FPS game CROSSFIRE, the ‘CROSSFIRE STARS 2018 Grand Finals (CFS 2018)’. The tournament will take place in Taicang and Nanjing, China from December 4th until December 9th 2018.

The Group Stage of the CFS 2018 Grand Finals, including the quarterfinals and semifinals will take place from December 4th until the 6th at VSPN Studio, Taicang China. Some noteworthy changes of this year’s tournament include that an Egyptian team will participate for the first time in CFS history.

With various professional teams showing strong performances around the world, Smilegate will invite 3 teams from China, 2 teams from the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, and 1 team from North America, Europe, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, and Latin America respectively. There will be an additional slot provided to the runner-up of North America and Europe, in which both teams will face against each other to determine the final participant of the tournament.

The most awaited Grand Final match will take place at Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park on December 9th. The most interesting aspect of this year’s tournament is whether China will become the world champion for the 7th consecutive time, or if another professional team from other regions will become the world champion for the first time in CFS history.

The prize pool for this tournament is yet to be decided, however an additional prize pool contributed by the esports Fund from China will be added onto the CFS Grand Final’s total prize pool.

The CFS 2018 Grand Final will be the 7th edition of the CFS, the most prestigious esports tournament based on CROSSFIRE. CROSSFIRE is one of the most played online FPS Game in the world, with 660 million registered players and 8 million concurrent users. Moreover, the CFS 2017 Grand Finals received a viewership of 38 million during the tournament.

“The CFS 2018 Grand Finals is once again changing itself by introducing a total of 16 participating teams. The tournament has become truly global with a team from the MENA region participating for the first time” said Brady Yeo, Head of CROSSFIRE esports in Smilegate Entertainment. “We will do our utmost to prepare another spectacular CFS tournament.”

Further details on the CFS 2018 Grand Finals can be found in the official website (

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