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SK Gaming Announces Partnership with Esports Lifestyle Brand ORITY

SK Gaming Announces Partnership with Esports Lifestyle Brand ORITY

Today SK Gaming, one of the world’s best-known esports brands, announced its partnership with ORITY, an esports lifestyle brand that recently launched the ORITY ONE Esports Backpack, its first product tailored for professional and amateur esports players, and fans.

“It makes us very proud to welcome SK Gaming as our first international partner. It also shows us that our vision and ideas with regard to the ORITY brand, and its offerings, have met with a positive response,” comments Mathias Heinz, Co-founder and Managing Director of ORITY. “For ORITY, direct feedback and constructive input from long-standing market participants is essential in order to be able to develop offers that are relevant in the long term and tailored to esports fans and players. With SK Gaming we have found exactly the right partner for this,” adds Heinz.

SK Gaming Announces Partnership with Esports Lifestyle Brand ORITY

Alexander Müller, Managing Director of SK Gaming, also looks forward to the partnership: “In the first conversations with Mathias and his team it became clear that ORITY has a lot of potential. They have shown that they understand the esports market and have internalized the needs of esports players and fans, and I am happy to support ORITY as a partner. “

As a start to the partnership, the two Cologne-based companies have planned an SK Gaming edition of ORITY ONE. “Our players participate at events around the world and need not only suitable but also secure transport options for their hardware, because its functionality is one of many factors that influence their performance,” explains Müller. “ORITY ONE offers our players all the functions they need to make their arrival, departure, and stay at events as pleasant as possible, allowing them to concentrate on their A-game”, Müller continues.

SK Gaming Announces Partnership with Esports Lifestyle Brand ORITY

Players of SK Gaming, and their fans, will be able to enjoy the SK Gaming Edition of ORITY ONE. The first edition is available exclusively in the ORITY Shop for 149,99€.

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About SK Gaming

SK Gaming is a leading esports organization and one of the world’s most recognized brands in competitive video gaming. Founded in 1997, “Schroet Kommando” has grown from a passionate group of friends into a successful esports business with offices in Cologne and Berlin, Germany. In the past two decades, SK Gaming managed to win more than 60 major championship titles and millions in prizemoney earnings across a variety of disciplines. Currently, SK Gaming teams and players compete in the League of Legends European Championship, Riot Games’ Premier Tour, SMITE Pro League, Clash Royale League and the FIFA eWorld Cup among others.


ORITY is an esports brand founded by esports and backpack specialists dedicated to improving the experience of esports enthusiasts around the world. The mission: Enhancing the Esports

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