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The Seoul Team of the Overwatch League Announces its Official Name, 'Seoul Dynasty'

The Seoul Team of the Overwatch League Announces its Official Name, ‘Seoul Dynasty’

The Seoul team of the Overwatch League has today announced its official team name, Seoul Dynasty.

“Dynasty” has several significant meanings. In sports, the word refers to a dominant team in its respective field. By choosing this name, the Seoul team is signaling its grand aspirations in the newly formed Overwatch League right from the start. “Dynasty” also pays homage to the Lunatic-Hai teams that won back-to-back championships in APEX Seasons 2 and 3, and that formed the initial roster for Seoul Dynasty.

“Seoul is the birthplace of modern-day esports and holds a significant place in history, in addition to being the long-standing capital of the Joseon Dynasty and modern-day Korea,” said Seoul Dynasty owner Kevin Chou. “We have a tremendous responsibility to represent the best of Seoul on a global stage.”

Seoul Dynasty has also revealed its logo. The tiger is represented as a modern stylized royal seal, which symbolizes strength, courage, and good fortune. Color schemes also were carefully considered. Black conveys elegance and power, while gold has long been associated with royal dynasties, represented best by the gold crowns of the Shilla Dynasty and the beautiful golden embroidery of the Joseon Dynasty.

To provide fans with an inside look at the team, film crews are already lined up to produce significant video content. On November 18, the team will hold a send-off event in Seoul, reveal its final roster for the Overwatch League inaugural season, and make more announcements on future investments into the esports team.

About the Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty, one of 12 inaugural teams to compete in the Overwatch League, is owned and operated by KSV eSports International and CEO Kevin Chou. KSV is an eSports collaboration
between Korea and Silicon Valley, combining the skills and dedication of the Korean eSports culture backed by the investment and global technology reach of California’s Silicon Valley. We take pride in our vision of creating and guiding homegrown Korean eSports teams into champions on the international stage.

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