Paris Saint-Germain eSports and PMU are pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement. PMU’s newly launched PMU eSport brand will serve as an Official Partner of Paris Saint-Germain eSports.

Through this partnership, the gaming operator, which runs France’s leading betting site, is taking its first steps in the world of eSports. With the provision of statistics on eSports players and events, PMU eSport will channel its core business to support Paris Saint-Germain eSports players in competitions, as well as offering fans and organisers statistical content to enrich their gaming experience.

PMU’s Marketing Director Samuel Loiseau stated: “We were already partners with Paris Saint-Germain on the football side and we are proud to extend our partnership and join the club in its ambitious eSports project. We share the same ambition to become key players in the sector. PMU will also be partnering with numerous eSports events in France all year round.”

Fabien Allègre, Paris Saint-Germain’s Director of Merchandising and Brand Diversification, added: “The agreement with PMU marks a turning point in the development of our eSports project. We are delighted to have gained the confidence of such a major player in sport within just a few months of our launch. I am convinced that PMU’s expertise is going to enable us to further improve our performances and go to the next level.”

The PMU eSport brand will be present on the sleeve of the shirt worn by Paris Saint-Germain eSports FIFA player Lucas “Daxe” Cuillerier during the Montpellier Esport Show this weekend at Montpellier Airport.

About Paris Saint-Germain eSports

Since Paris Saint-Germain were taken over by QSI in 2011, the club has undergone a major transformation with the aim of becoming a leading global sports brand. After successful investments in women’s football and handball, the club entered the world of eSports in October 2016 with the same hunger for glory and the goal of reinforcing its links with its millions of passionate supporters, as well as winning new fans in new territories. Under the leadership of Paris Saint-Germain eSports team manager Bora “YellOwStaR ” Kim, the club intends to compete in the biggest events on the national, regional and world stages. On FIFA, the top online football game, the club is represented by the Frenchman Lucas “Daxe” Cuillerier and the Dane August “Agge” Rosenmeier. On League of Legends, Paris Saint-Germain have a five-player team based at a Gaming House in Berlin. They are currently taking part in the European Challenger Series.

Source: Press release