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NEEDforSEAT / MAXNOMIC® Extends Partnership with Unicorns of Love

NEEDforSEAT / MAXNOMIC® Extends Partnership with Unicorns of Love

NEEDforSEAT, one of the leading providers of gaming chairs, has extended its partnership with the League of Legends team Unicorns of Love by a year. This partnership was initiated back in 2016. NEEDforSEAT is also present on the German market with its brand, MAXNOMIC®.

As part of the cooperation, it will continue to provide the NEEDforSEAT gaming chair in the design of the pink unicorns and, together, will further optimize the chair’s features. The partnership extension was brokered by Lagardère Sports, the exclusive marketing agency for Unicorns of Love.

Marco Wörenkämper, Managing Director NEEDforSEAT: “Unicorns of Love are one of the most scintillating League of Legends teams and we are delighted to be able to continue the unicorns’ success story together in the future and provide the team with our newly launched, improved gaming chair in the UoL look.”

Jos Mallant, CEO, Unicorns of Love: “The gaming chairs by MAXNOMIC® are incredibly comfortable and perfectly suited for prolonged, ergonomic sitting – with these chairs, we’re ideally equipped for the next competitions.”

Thomas Ottl, Manager of eSports, Lagardère Sports, adds: “This is a partnership that really works. We are happy to continue to have such a loyal partner on board in MAXNOMIC® and look forward to our ongoing cooperation in the future.”

About Unicorns of Love
Unicorns of Love (UOL) is a multinational eSports organization, playing in League of Legends (LCS Europe by RIOT) Champions League since 2015. Founded in 2013 by Fabian Mallant, Unicorns of Love specializes in contracting pro gamers, executing online and offline broadcasts, and developing unique marketing initiatives aiming at attracting and influencing gamers worldwide. UOL has become one of most recognizable organisations and fan favourite with an unpredictable play-style. In 2016 the team won their first major tournament. Unicorns of Love are the current champions of the IEM Oakland in League of Legends.

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