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Lifestyle Meets Esports Backpack and Esports Specialists Launch Global Esports Brand ORITY

Lifestyle Meets Esports: Backpack and Esports Specialists Launch Global Esports Brand ORITY

ORITY, a new lifestyle brand with tailor-made products for the rapidly growing esports market, has given the go-ahead for its market entry with the pre-sales launch of the ORITY ONE Esports Backpack.

Over the past two years, the Cologne-based founding team has meticulously worked on designing a product that is equally tailored to professional and semi-professional esports players as well as esports fans, and is now reaping the rewards: “In developing ORITY ONE, we have combined our many years of experience in the backpack business with our passion for esports and developed a reliable, sophisticated and high-quality product,” says Adrian Gullickson, co-founder and managing director of ORITY.

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Focus on Functionality

“Both during the product analysis and during the development process, constant communication with players and fans has repeatedly shown that the esports backpacks available to date cannot deliver what they promise in terms of accessibility, suitability for travel, suitability for everyday use and – in particular – the protection of often expensive hardware components,” explains Gullickson.

“The ORITY ONE can remedy this: a modular system allows the backpack to be adapted to individual requirements – regardless of whether it is an esports or leisure activity. In addition, specially designed hardware compartments offer complete protection for the majority (95%) of standard keyboards (up to 55cm), headsets, mice and mouse pads. On top of that, the backpack is also suitable for longer journeys thanks to an ergonomic carrying system and hand luggage size,” continues Gullickson.

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Individuality meets Design

In addition to these essential functionalities, ORITY ONE offers unprecedented design possibilities: “In our discussions with players, teams and fans, it quickly became clear that individuality and flexibility also play an important role with regard to design. The fact that the ORITY ONE is equipped with an exchangeable skin as standard was therefore well received. In other words, the entire front of the backpack can be removed and replaced in just a few simple steps,” explains Mike Nowak, co-founder of ORITY, who was active as a professional player from 2008 to 2012 and subsequently set up and managed the self-established esports consulting agency ENPE Media for six years.

“In addition to the currently available color variations, we also want to develop special backpack skins together with teams, players, streamers and other esports enthusiasts, so that fans have the opportunity to support their favorites. We are currently in contact with a number of major international teams and will be able to announce more details in a few weeks,” Nowak continues.

Brand with mission: “Enhancing the Esports Experience”

“It is important for us to be perceived as an intrinsic esports brand whose goal is to improve the esports experience for players and fans around the world,” said Mathias Heinz, co-founder and managing director of ORITY. “We don’t just want to focus on the backpack product category. Rather, it is about providing players and fans with useful tools, products and solutions that will enhance that one thing that they – but also we – enjoy with passion every day, namely esports, both functionally and emotionally,” Heinz adds.


The ORITY ONE Esports Backpack can be ordered now at


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ORITY is an esports brand founded by esports and backpack specialists dedicated to improving the experience of esports enthusiasts around the world. The mission: Enhancing the Esports Experience. Website:

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