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Lagardère Sports Expands its eSports Activities by Teaming Up with US-based eSports Franchise Splyce

Lagardère Sports to Become Exclusive Marketing Partner of eSports Club H2K

Lagardère Sports and H2K are teaming up. This marks the global sports marketing agency’s fourth eSports team since its market entry early this year. Lagardère Sports’ primary roles in the partnership will be to help the eSports team H2K acquire new sponsors and expand and optimise the team’s marketing opportunities. The agency will also set up creative activation promotions and secure thematic partnerships for the organisation.

H2K is one of the leading League of Legends teams, making it to the playoffs of the final four splits two years in a row. “We are delighted to team up with Lagardère Sports, one of the leading international sports marketing agencies,” stated Richard Lippe, Co-Chairman of H2K. “Both companies share the same core values with a focus on the emotional well-being and growth of the players. H2K management believes that Lagardère Sports will be instrumental in helping H2K achieve its objective of becoming one of the leading eSports franchises with the ability to influence important decisions both inside and outside the eSports world. H2K is confident that, working together, Lagardère Sports will also help assure that H2K will provide quality services that exceed the needs and expectations of our sponsors and other partners”, concluded Lippe.

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  • “We are pleased to gain a strong partner like H2K, who is known to stand up for its conviction at any time. We are convinced that we can bring the team to a new level with our years of expertise in ‘traditional’ sports marketing and the experience we have gained so far in the field of eSports. We will certainly be able to point out new marketing potential for H2K”, explains Moritz Altmann, Senior Director of eSports at Lagardère Sports Germany.

    About H2K

    H2K belongs to a small group of early eSports organizations that contracted professional players before the live-streaming revolution. Our League of Legends team has been among the most consistent and successful teams in the World. H2K is proud of its commitment to our talent; providing competitive salaries, best in class living conditions and a dedicated creative media team for our committed pro-players. Supported by some of the most engaged and loyal fans in the games we play makes H2K one of the fastest growing organizations in eSports.

    About Lagardère Sports

    Lagardère Sports is a leading sport marketing agency, with a global network of local experts dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We believe sport inspires emotions and passion that are essential to enrich people’s lives and generate powerful collective experiences. At Lagardère Sports, we dedicate our expertise and passion to provide our clients with privileged access to the infinite opportunities of sports. Lagardère Sports is part of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, a company with more than 1,600 employees worldwide and 50 years of experience.

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