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Lagardère Sports Appoints 'The Story Mob' as its Global Preferred Esports Communications Partners

Lagardère Sports Appoints ‘The Story Mob’ as its Global Preferred Esports Communications Partner

Lagardère Sports, the leading global sports marketing agency, today announced a partnership with the world’s first esports communications consultancy, The Story Mob. As their global preferred esports communications partner, The Story Mob will be working alongside Lagardère Sports to maximize communications and storytelling opportunities for consumer brands within the esports space, as well as partnering with the agency team for ongoing opportunities.

The Story Mob will provide communications counsel and offer bespoke consultancy services to Lagardère Sports clients and partners. Additionally, Lagardère Sports will undertake commercial representation of broadcast talent and influencers represented by the on-air talent and community influencer group opened by The Story Mob in September.

Founded at the beginning of this year by the industry’s most experienced communications professionals, The Story Mob is an international consultancy focused on esports communications. The firm offers strategic communications counsel to brands, teams, talent and investors, and is currently serving over 20 endemic and non-endemic clients in the esports space.

Lagardère Sports is the partner of over 90 European football clubs as well as two FIFA associations. In addition, the agency is managing over 280 top athletes and works with some of the world’s top consumer and lifestyle brands. Since the start of their esports operations in 2017, Lagardère Sports have helped multiple global brands make their first strategic partnerships with leagues, publishers and teams.

“The Story Mob represent the best in esports communications, and we value the opportunity to tap into their experience and expertise when it comes to guiding our actions and those we recommend for our partners’, commented Moritz Altmann Head of Esports at Lagardère Sports. ‘With more and more brands taking their first steps into the esports space with us, it’s more important than ever that we’re working together to create clear and measurable impact for esports fans – and communications strategy is key.’

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to contribute communications expertise to the largest dealmaker in esports’, said Anna Rozwandowicz, Co-Founder at The Story Mob. “This partnership offers a fantastic opportunity not only for us to work with the best in the business to create powerful storytelling through influencer and media outreach, but also for us to help brands build meaningful communication paths directly to esports fans.”

“Our partnership with The Story Mob is another important step in Lagardère Sports successful esports journey and will complement our full-service solutions for brands to engage with the growing esports fanbase”, added Robert Müller von Vultejus, Managing Director Germany and Head of Business Development Europe, Lagardère Sports.

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About The Story Mob

Founded by the industry’s most experienced communications professionals, The Story Mob is an international consultancy offering strategic communications counsel to brands, teams, on-air talent, startups and investors in the esports space. Based on years of experience with the world’s largest competitive gaming communities, the team work with clients to create impactful, authentic outreach to esports fans. Specializing in communication strategy, media relations, voice and fluency training, influencer and talent relations and more, The Story Mob is an international team based in the US and Europe. If you have a story, we have the megaphone.

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