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Infographic: Survey for Business Professionals – eSports Brand Marketing – Results

At the beginning of 2017 – in collaboration with Blicx Research – we asked business professionals to take part in a survey which analyzed the reasons why B2C companies use eSports as a marketing platform and how they do it. In total, 426 brands (196 endemic; 230 non-endemic) participated in the survey. A few month later, we finally have the results and we would like to show them to you by sharing the following infographic.

This infographic provides answers to the following questions:

  • Why do non-endemic brands not get involved in eSports?
  • What are the goals of eSports brand marketing?
  • What are the most common eSports marketing activities?
  • What are the most popular eSports marketing channels?
  • What are the most effective eSports marketing practices?
  • What are the eSports marketing topics brands want to know more about?

The results:

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