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Golden Guardians Partner with Madrinas Coffee

Golden Guardians Partner with Madrinas Coffee

The Golden Guardians (GGS), League of Legends Championship Series affiliate of the Golden State Warriors, have entered a partnership with Madrinas Coffee to become the Official Coffee of the Golden Guardians, it was announced today. Fans attending LCS games this Saturday will have the chance to taste Madrinas Coffee by visiting the Golden Guardians’ booth during the tailgate at Riot’s Studios.

As part of the partnership, Madrinas Coffee will have entitlement space for the kitchen, which has been newly renamed as the “Recharge Room,” located inside of the team’s headquarters in Culver City. In addition, Madrinas Coffee branding will be on all refrigerators located throughout the team’s headquarters, LCS Green Room and team housing. The Madrinas Coffee logo will also be visible on the upper right chest position on all Golden Guardians jerseys. The partnership will also include additional sales and marketing elements including social media and digital branding on Twitch. Madrinas Coffee will also partner with the Golden Guardians to create digital content pieces featuring the team and its players throughout the 2019 LCS Spring and Summer Splits.

“As we continue to diversify the Golden Guardians’ portfolio, it is important for us to partner with brands that share the same values,” said Hunter Leigh, Head of GSW Esports. “As the first esports team to partner with Madrinas Coffee, we are looking forward to providing a healthier form of energy to both our LCS and Academy Team rosters.”

“The Golden Guardians organization, and the esports division of the Golden State Warriors as a whole, has shown a true commitment to excellence – both in and out of the game – in the world of esports, which was paramount in our decision to align Madrinas Coffee with an org,” said Alex Davis, Co-Founder of Madrinas Coffee. “Madrinas Coffee is an all-natural alternative to artificially charged energy drinks and sodas, and for a community that so often hears about products that perpetuate unhealthy lifestyles, it was important for us to officially enter into the world of esports and develop a partnership with an organization that mirrored the beliefs and values of Madrinas Coffee. Madrinas Coffee will fuel long days and nights of matches, practice, and film review – Madrinas Coffee is coffee4fuel. Now let’s get that #GGSWIN.”

The Golden Guardians are the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) affiliate team of the Golden State Warriors. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game where two teams of five players battle on Summoner’s Rift with the goal of destroying the heart of the opposing team’s base, known as the nexus, to achieve victory.

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Madrinas Coffee is fuel for creativity, imagination, and storytelling for the next generation of coffeehead. We power self-expression and productivity with Organic Cold Brew Coffee in 16oz cans and Organic Micro-roasted Whole Beans designed and crafted for wherever they are in their coffee journey. Our brews & roasts range from sweet and indulgent for coffee n00bs to super-bold and complex for mature coffeeheads. Madrinas Coffees ship globally via the Madrinas Coffee webstore and are available in 7,000 retail outlets across the US including Target, Walmart, and Publix. With a rapidly growing audience Madrinas Coffee is converting new coffeeheads everyday with awesome coffee and a powerful message: #COFFEE4FUEL

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