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Gamoloco DatViz Monday Review

Gamoloco DataViz Monday Review #8: Top15 Dota2 Live Streaming Channels (Week 12, 2016)

The eighth edition of the Gamoloco Dataviz Monday Review features the most watched Dota2 live streaming channels of the twelfth week in 2016.

The infographic shows that Artour Babaev (Arteezy) drew the most interest. The stream of the Canadian from Team Secret was watched for more than half a million hours in total.

Top15 Dota2 Live Streaming Channels (Week 12, 2016)

Top15 Dota2 Live Streaming Channels (Week 12, 2016)


Message from the author

Nicolas Cerrato

Nicolas Cerrato
Founder & CEO

“DotA 2 was the 3rd most watched game on Twitch in 2015. Yet it’s only the first time I dedicate an infographic to it. Passion and personal interest play a big role in making Gamoloco and DotA2 is not my favorite game even though I have a lot of respect, just list for League of Legends. At some point last year I wanted to work on The International 5 but the event was already half-way through and it was a big chunk. And I was very much a beginner, too much to start with.

Anyway I worked enough on it to make sure the biggest event of last year on Twitch was ESL One Cologne on CSGO, and not TI5 on DotA 2.

Looking at the graph here, something I find striking is the number of Russian-speaking channels: there’s 7 of them. Russia is a big country in general on Twitch, and when it comes to DotA it’s even more. I think I remember that back when I played the original WC3-based DotA, it was already crowded with russian-speaking people.

Also worth noting, dota2ruhub has 2 channels in the top 15, at #2 and #12. The latter is hosted on Austria-based streaming platform Hitbox, it’s one of the 1st times the platforms makes it into our infographics. dota2ruhub is the a brand I started noticing a few weeks back: they’re quite big on CSGO too.

Really I’m happy to put some DotA 2 here, and I know there would be a lot more to be said about it, but I’m not the best when it comes to this game! Let me know if you’d like to help analyze this infographic, it’d be my pleasure to get some help for a potential future blog entry.”

About Gamoloco

gamoloco provides viewership data for gaming live streams hosted on major dedicated platforms such as,, and more platforms. The collected data is used to create scoreboards for channels on the one hand and games on the other hand. Gamoloco also uses the data to provide dedicated Game pages. Gamoloco numbers are directly taken from the platforms’ API’s and represent more than 98% of the total viewership.

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