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Eyedentity Entertainment Announces $45 Million eSports brand WEGL (Wolrd eSports Games & Leagues)

Eyedentity Entertainment Announces $45 Million eSports brand WEGL (Wolrd eSports Games & Leagues)

Eyedentity Entertainment, a subsidiary of ActozSoft (CEO Guo Haibin), global gaming company, launched a new eSports brand WEGL (Wolrd eSports Games & Leagues), making a challenging to global eSports market. WEGL is expected to bring a new trend to the market because it is composed of models offering different kinds of fun.

Eyedentity Entertainment is planning to establish WEGL in Korean market successfully, after that will advance into China and gain a toehold for becoming a global brand. Since then, it will be held in various nations such as Asia, North America, and Europe.

WEGL is composed of ‘Game Star’ which is a something new concept of ‘meet Audition program and game’, ‘Super Fight’ which allows matches what fans want and ‘Premier’ which is a regular league, regularly held all the year round.

WEGL aim diversity of eSports. Eyedentity Entertainment has a plan for expanding the market to bring in a new model, collecting various needs of eSports fans.

Eyedentity Entertainment invests in eSports pouring about 50 billion won ($44.59 million) in to this business. They will lavish investment on for discovering and building team and player.

Moreover, they are also planning to invest in a variety of hardware infrastructures including e-sports stadiums, and software infrastructure including clubs, players, supervisors, and professional training.

CEO Guo Haibin said, “We establish a cooperation system with global game and e-sports companies and will make an effort to be able to leading role in the rapidly growing e-sports market. I plan to process a sustainable eSports business with endeavoring to discover partner companies. ”

Meanwhile, Eyedentity Entertainment held new business conference at the Nexon Arena in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 19th and released its WEGL for the first time. Eyedentity Entertainment will host more than two ‘Premiers’, quarterly ‘Super Fights’ and finals at the end of the year from 2018, and will hold a continuous e-sports competition throughout the year.

WEGL official website: www.

About Eyedentity Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Eyedentity Entertainment Co., Ltd. is subsidiary of Actoz Soft founded in March 2015. The company Name was changed Eyedentity Mobile Co., Ltd. into Eyedentity Entertainment Co., Ltd. in April 2017 to expand their business scope by investing eSports and entertainment as well as game publishing. Recently Eyedentity Entertainment Co., Ltd. is challenging to be a leading entertainment company started from revealing their eSports tournament and entertainment brand, WEGL (World eSports Games & Leagues).

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