Riot games invests $30 million in Curse

Riot Games, publisher of globally successful eSports-title League of Legends (LoL), is investing 30 million USD in US gaming-company Curse

Gaming company Curse, founded in 2006, has been able to gather financial support in the past. Last year they received $10 million in financial support by GGV Capital.

The $30 million in financial support will be used to further develop their voice-chat-tool Curse Voice. The software has already more than a million users and wants to keep up with the biggest competitor, TeamSpeak3.

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“Riot really believes in what we’re doing and where we’re going. This investment boosts our efforts to continue creating what I believe to be the best communication tool in gaming. We’ve known Riot for a long time, and know that Riot, like us, cares very deeply about the core gamer. I’m excited and confident that this will be good for Curse and for the millions of players we serve via Curse Voice” says Hubert Thieblot, CEO Curse Inc., about the investment.

According to the LA Times, a spokesperson for Riot Games stated that the investment should be seen as financial support to further develop Curse’s technology, and should not be seen as a signal for a partnership between Riot Games and Curse.

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