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Playing computer games for real money: eSports platform ‘Battle of Glory‘ raises 120,000 Euros

As part of a seed-funding, the eSports startup “Battle of Glory collected 120,000 Euros.

Two private investors, Alexander Illi and Alfred Oprea, who see an interesting and bright future in the business model of the Würzburg (Germany) based company, invested this. “The concept of Battle of Glory makes us believe in its potential and its scalability. Moreover we are convinced by the team with its very authentic, competent and inspiring performance and we think Battle of Glory will be a benefit for the young and growing eSports market”, says Alexander Illi.

Battle of Glory“Battle of Glory: Play for fun, thrill, cash and glory” –

Battle of Glory is an online platform which allows its users to play computer games against each other for real money. Thanks to the API of the computer games the match process is fully automated.

“Battle of Glory allows gamers to compete against each other including a stake of real money. It’s up to the players who they play against and how much money they play for. With the use of an intelligent matchmaking system which draws on the players’ profile and match history we make sure that potential opponents fit to the skill level of each other. Moreover we provide a simple handling of matches including an automatic transmission of match results and distribution of profits,” says Sergej Deines, co-founder of Battle of Glory.

Battle of Glory 2 Battle of Glory 3

The investment will mainly be used to improve the eSports platform. “Last week, we started the alpha-version of Battle of Glory to launch a stress test. Right at the start we offer League of Legends only, but DotA2 and other popular eSports games will be added soon”, says Eugen Kandakov, chief engineer und co-founder of Battle of Glory.

“On the one hand we will use the stress test to reveal technical errors, on the other hand we will use the time to present our cash gaming platform to new partners and investors,” Kandakov added.

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