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Market research institute forecasts 145 million eSports-enthusiasts in 2017

The well-known market research institute Newzoo predicts an increase of 56 million so-called ‘eSports-enthusiasts’ over the next three years.

According to their forecast, the number of eSports-enthusiasts will grow by 62,92%, bringing the numbers to 145 million in 2017. In 2014, their number was 89 million

eSports is growing: The League of Legends World Cup was viewed by 27 million people

The eSports-Enthusiast

According to Newzoo, eSports enthusiasts are people who are actively taking part in eSport-leagues or tournaments on a beginner/amateur or professional level, or follow these events via different services. Distinctions are made between three sub-groups which focus on the differences in consumption and activity.

These subgroups are defined as follows:

  • Regular participant / viewers: Viewers who regularly take part in amateur/professional leagues and tournaments
  • Occasional participants / viewers: Viewers who occasionally participate in amateur- or professional leagues and tournaments
  • Regular viewers: Viewers who watch competitive eSports on a regular basis

The latter represents the major part with 56 million viewers considered eSports-enthusiasts, the so-called occasional viewers account for 19 million. Viewers who regularly participate in leagues and tournaments on a professional level represent the minority amongst the groups. More than half (54%) of all eSports-enthusiasts are from Asia.


205 million viewers worldwide

In addition to the group of eSports-enthusiasts we can see the effective numbers of viewers who occasionally watch competitive eSports. 117 million of these occasional viewers amount to the grand total of 205 million viewers worldwide, who are actively engaging in eSports or watch eSports via various services.

eSports in a stadium: the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt was chock-full.

What is also interesting to see is that in a few years, eSports will become so popular that in 2017, more than 1.2 billion people will be aware of eSports, states Newzoo. That is 1/7th of the global population.



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