The biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) event in the world so far, took place in Cologne last weekend. Alongside the European and US teams, that competed for 250.000 USD, the prize money also attracted 11.000 viewers a day. The event was held in the LANXESS Arena, Germany’s largest indoor arena.

Even more viewers were watching the tournament on their screens at home, counted 27 million unique viewers in total.

Concerning CS:GO, the bar for future events has been raised, as the event -organized by the Electronic Sports League (ESL)- has met all expectations. In addition to the viewers on the streaming website, 27 million unique viewers have watched the tournament. Last year’s major event, the League of Legends world cup, attracted up to 32 million viewers, and the ESL One is catching up.

Comparison: eSports-events by coverage (peak concurrent viewers)
EventYearGameUnique Viewers
World Championship2013League of Legends32.000.000
ESL One Cologne2015Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 27.000.000
World Championship2014League of Legends27.000.000
The International2014Defense of the Ancients 220.000.000
ESL One Katowitz2015Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 8.780.000
World Championship2012League of Legends8.282.000
ESL championship spring 20152015multiple1.055.840
The International2012Defense of the Ancients 2567.000

The event reached a new record, with 1.3 million viewers watching the event at the same time. Only a few months ago, the ESL One Katowice set the record with a little more than one million concurrent viewers, that is a growth rate of 30%.

Comparison: eSports-events by coverage (peak concurrent viewers)
EventYearGamePeak Concurrent Users
World Championship 2014League of Legends11.200.000
World Championship 2013League of Legends8.700.000
IEM Katowice2015multiple2.600.000
The International2014Defense of the Ancients 22.000.000
ESL One Cologne2015Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1.300.000
World Championship 2012League of Legends1.154.000
ESL One Katowice2015Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1.012.745
ESL One Frankfurt2015Defense of the Ancients 21.000.000
The International2013Defense of the Ancients 21.000.000
ESL championship2014multiple511.000
World Cyber Arena2015multiple374.460
World Championship Series2013StarCraft II149.549

Impressions: ESL One Cologne 2015

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Image source: ©, Photgraph: Helena Kristiannson