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Sponsored Post: eBetFinder - eSports Betting Is the New Best Thing

eBetFinder – eSports Betting Is the New Best Thing

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Have you ever dreamed of making a little extra playing video games? Well, I think we all have, but did you know that you could use your gaming expertise to your advantage and bet and win money on eSports? Betting on video games like LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, SC 2, Overwatch (and many more!) has actually never been easier and is the perfect way to use your gaming experience to earn a little extra. eBetFinder has covered all the basics to get started and how to find the best eSports betting sites. By using our unique and free tools, starting and advancing with eSports betting couldn’t be any easier.

We know it’s a tough challenge to find a good and trustworthy site in the misty jungle of screaming ads and promising promotions. Trust us, we’ve been there ourselves. Picking the perfect eSports betting site is not an easy task, but successfully doing so may greatly enhance your experience and winnings. That’s why we have created the eBetFinder which is a unique tool to filter eSport bookies with. You will be amazed how easy and convenient it can be to quickly find a site that suits all your individual needs. Whether you are looking for amazing bonus offers, great eSports coverage, fun and interesting markets to bet on, the best customer support or light speed withdrawal times, we got it covered!

We have played on and carefully rated and reviewed close to 40 different eSport betting sites and scored them all after our handcrafted formula, which is based on years of betting experience. To provide you with the most important updates, betting guides and betting tips, we also have a section for the latest eSport news.

Daniel Moore who is one of the co-founders has the following to say when asked how the eBetFinder came into existence and what has made it so successful: “We’re a team that all love to bet on eSports, but we found ourselves struggling to find the perfect site to play on. We found some comparison and reviews of sites, but no matter where we went, only a few sites were compared and the information provided was lacking and often turned out to be incorrect. We knew that with the years of experience that we have in eSports and the betting industry, we could do this a lot better. That’s when we decided that we would create the perfect platform to help gamers get started and succeeding with eSports betting. Seeing where we are today, I would say that we have successfully managed to make eSports betting easy and that the eBetFinder is a great way to get started and advancing.”

About eBetFinder

eBetFinder is founded by a group of people with several years of experience working in various fields in the iGaming industry and with a keen interest in eSports. Their goal is to provide up to date and easily accessible information that will help you getting started and advancing with eSports betting. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and read more at https://www.ebetfinder.com

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