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DOJO Madness Launches Shadow.LoL, a Professional Analytics Platform for League of Legends

DOJO Madness Launches Shadow.LoL, a Professional Analytics Platform for League of Legends

Berlin-based eSports startup DOJO Madness announced the launch of Shadow.LoL, a SaaS platform providing analytics and data visualizations for professional League of Legends ​teams that will dramatically improve how teams prepare for and analyze matches. Leading the team is Tim “Magic” Sevenhuysen, the world’s foremost League of Legends statistician.

Shadow.LoL was built in partnership with Team Liquid. Each feature and function is specifically designed to help pro teams win games, as well as help broadcasters tell more advanced data-driven narratives. Shadow.LoL offers powerful, efficient ways to track teams’ performances on stage and in scrims, monitor players’ champion pools, scout opponents’ tendencies, prepare strategies and drafts for upcoming matches, and dive deep into statistical analysis, all in one place.

“League of Legends is a highly complex game, and the fact that most teams are basing their analysis on simple spreadsheets and gut feelings is insane. We worked closely with Shadow during their beta to make sure their tools and data will enhance the work of our coaches, analysts, and players. We see Shadow as essential to our long-term success,” said Team Liquid Co-CEO, Steve Arhancet.

Tim “Magic” Sevenhuysen, the creator of, is leading the team. Tim married his background in statistics and research with his love of eSports to become a leading voice in the creation and application of LoL analytics. In addition to providing data to broadcasters, journalists, and coaches around the world, both directly and through his website, Tim also served as Statistical Consultant to Fnatic during their 2015 summer EU LCS championship and run to the World Championship semifinals.

“DOJO Madness has an unmatched foundation in both League of Legends statistics experience and data science. Every feature in Shadow LOL is designed and refined to add real value for coaches and analysts,” said Shadow LoL Team Lead, Tim Sevenhuysen.

DOJO Madness was founded in December 2014 by Jens Hilgers, a twenty-year eSports veteran and Founder of ESL, Markus Fuhrmann, co-founder of food delivery unicorn, Delivery Hero, and Christian Gruber.

About DOJO Madness

DOJO Madness harnesses the power of big data to build tools and services that help players and fans to understand and master their favorite eSports games. DOJO’s first line of products, the SUMO apps, are virtual coaching apps for League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch. The SUMO apps provide personalized guides and actionable insights based on individualized game data. In addition, DOJO Madness offers a B2B data service and a separate SaaS platform that provides analytics and data visualizations for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends, and Dota 2 professional teams and broadcasters. DOJO Madness has 45 full time employees, and has raised a total of $12.75M in funding from backers including The Raine Group, March Capital Partners, London Venture Partners, DN Capital, K Cube Ventures, Kristian Segerstrale and the Investment Bank of Berlin (IBB). For more information, visit For more information about Shadow, visit

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