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BITKRAFT Invests in Tier One Entertainment, The Philippine’s First Gaming and eSports Talent Agency

BITKRAFT Invests in Tier One Entertainment, The Philippine’s First Gaming and eSports Talent Agency

​Tier One Entertainment, a gaming and eSports talent agency recently launched by cosplay queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao, and eSports veteran, Tryke Gutierrez, announced today a significant investment from BITKRAFT eSports Ventures, the world’s first eSports specific fund.

Tier One Entertainment, which launched in April of this year, aims to revolutionize the eSports landscape in Southeast Asia by developing gaming talents with a focus on shoutcasters, streamers and professional teams in the region while also helping brands work with top eSports influencers to reach the coveted gaming audience. The infusion of capital will enable Tier One to purchase equipment for production, expand their team, and build a studio for talents.

“We are fortunate that BITKRAFT has shown faith in the region,” said Tier One Co-Founder, Tryke Gutierrez. “We have always believed that Southeast Asia has what it takes to take off in the international arena. With BITKRAFT on our side, the investment will fast track our plans.”

Tier One Co-Founder Alodia Gosiengfiao added, “There are still limited opportunities in the eSports and gaming world, particularly in the Philippines. With BITKRAFT’s investment, we now have the power to create real careers in the eSports industry by investing in talented people and supporting their growth.”

BITKRAFT eSports Ventures is led by Jens Hilgers, a 20-year eSports veteran and founder of ESL. His team is composed of investors from both the gaming and sports world, including Delivery Hero co-founder Markus Fuhrmann and gaming industry veteran Minard Hamilton.

Based in Berlin and Los Angeles, the epicenters of the western eSports world, BITKRAFT eSports Ventures incubates, builds, and invests in eSports startups along with a group of the industry’s most influential companies and executives. BITKRAFT has raised €18M in its first closing, which was announced last month.

“South East Asia is the fastest growing eSports market and we feel that Tryke, Alodia and their team are outstanding entrepreneurs with great passion and undisputable eSports experience. We are proud to support the Tier One team,” said Jens Hilgers.


BITKRAFT is an Esports focused early stage investor and company builder launched by Esports veteran Jens Hilgers, widely perceived as one of the Godfathers of Esports. We invent, build and invest in Esports startups along with the industry’s most influential companies. We share risk and invest alongside our corporate and startup partners via a range of collaborative options. Founded in 2015, we are active in both Los Angeles and Berlin, the epicenters of the western Esports world.​ BITKRAFT is home to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, operators and investors who are building businesses, creating and expanding opportunities and developing new technologies that benefit esports players, fans and stakeholders around the globe.

About Tier One Entertainment

Tier One Entertainment was founded in 2017 by eSports veteran Tryke Gutierrez and cosplay and gaming star Alodia Gosiengfiao. Together, they sought to revolutionize the eSports landscape in Southeast Asia. By focusing on the development of truly talented, top-caliber personalities, Tier One’s mission is to connect brands with the unique gaming audience like never before.

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