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BBC Three to Broadcast Gfinity’s Elite Series

BBC Three to Broadcast Gfinity’s Elite Series

Gfinity, a leading international eSports company, announces it has signed a contract with the British Broadcasting Corporation (‘BBC’) to broadcast its newly launched Elite Series from the Gfinity Arena in London with BBC Three to show tournament games and exclusive short-form video content. This weekly coverage will form the main part of a new, wider strand of eSports content on BBC Three, in collaboration with BBC Sport, with the first live broadcast on BBC Three, at 9pm on 28th July.

This contract, which is the first of its kind that the BBC has done for an eSports series, will deliver content for the next six consecutive weeks with live Elite Series tournament play every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with British and international professional gamers battling it out for a total prize fund of £225,000 across the games Street Fighter V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League.

In addition to the live matches there will be exclusive lifestyle segments and editorial coverage on BBC Three, focusing on the players and their storylines.

Neville Upton, CEO, Gfinity plc, said: “This is an incredible moment for the Gfinity Elite Series and for eSports fans in the UK and internationally. Our partnership with BBC Three will bring Elite Series live and lifestyle content to millions of new viewers and showcase the incredible dedication and passion of professional gamers. We are extremely excited to announce to all our fans, players and partners that for the next six consecutive weeks the Elite Series will be broadcast live on BBC Three. The BBC is one of the most world’s most renowned and respected broadcasters and their commitment to the Gfinity Elite Series is a defining moment for eSports and we are very proud to be a part of it.”

Damian Kavanagh, Controller, BBC Three, said: “eSports has become hugely popular in the last few years with young audiences so it’s great that BBC Three can bring this to a mainstream audience and create new habits with younger audiences as we stream three of the most popular games on BBC Three across the weekend.”

About Gfinity

Founded in 2012, Gfinity has quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading eSports business. The London-based company enjoys strong relationships with game publishers, players and the wider eSports community and has built a reputation for delivering top quality esport competitions, both on-line and offline, and producing industry leading eSports broadcasts.

Gfinity has over 700,000 registered users eligible to compete in its online esport competitions. Gfinity stages world leading off-line events in which the world’s top esport players travel to the Gfinity Arena in London to take part in competitions broadcast on-line to millions of viewers worldwide. Gfinity stages live eSports events featuring top video gaming titles, across PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

Gfinity monetises the strong position that it has created through a combination of sponsorship, advertising, broadcast income relating to Gfinity’s own events and through fees received for creating and delivering bespoke events for sponsors and game publishers seeking to engage with the eSports community.

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