Attaq Online, Inc. Announces the Completion of $1.6 Million Bridge Financing, the Expansion of Its eSports Tournament Platform

Attaq Online, Inc. Announces the Completion of $1.6 Million Bridge Financing, the Expansion of Its eSports Tournament Platform

Attaq Online, Inc. today announced the completion of a $1.6 million Bridge Round financing. Participants included primarily members of the Houston Angel Network and existing stakeholders. “This early stage round of financing will help sustain the Company while it completes the beta iteration of its esports tournament gaming platform, funds its near-term marketing efforts, and initiates the development of new platform features,” commented President Alan Hubbard.

In recent months, Attaq Online has completed the beta stage roll-out of a number of tournament formats to meet the needs of esports enthusiasts of all skill-levels and to accommodate the user base expansion following its recently announced relationship with the 7th largest Twitch streamer, Trick2G with his over 1 million followers and 200,000 League of Legends tournament series participants, which is scheduled to be added to the Attaq Online platform.

Until now, esports tournaments offering cash prizes for competing in games, such as the internationally popular title League of Legends, were only available to the upper echelon of elite gamers. It was difficult for average players to compete against their peers in League of Legends tournaments with any possibility of winning cash or other prizes.

“We are focused on meeting the need for tournaments designed for players of every skill-level. Esports is becoming mainstream, and esports enthusiasts want to do more than just watch, they want to compete. Previous models have proven that there is a demand for this, we just set out to make the process easier, and the experience more enjoyable for players.” Hubbard went on to say.

In addition to securing the Bridge Round, Attaq Online has also added Justin Seigel, owner of NRG eSports, to the company Advisory Board, which is now comprised of members with a diverse set of expertise, to help guide the company.

Justin Siegel (LinkedIn) of Austin works in the development side of the gaming industry as the CEO and co-founder of JNJ Mobile, a top ranked mobile social game community in North America and one of the top 10 grossing social apps on Android, as well as the esports side of the industry as a co-owner of the organization NRG esports, which owns professional teams for multiple esports titles.

Esports is a name for the competitive multi-player video game tournament ecosystem that has grown rapidly in popularity over the last 5 years thanks to viewability on streaming platforms like and support from the gaming industry and fan base. In 2016, an estimated 43 million people viewed the League of Legends World Championship. These numbers and viewership for other popular esports events have caught the eye of networks like TBS and the largest sports broadcaster, ESPN, which plans to expand esports coverage moving forward.

The Attaq Online Gaming Platform

After creating an Attaq Online account and linking a League of Legends account, players have the ability to join a tournament queue and begin competing. Over 2,500 tournaments have already been held on the platform, which supports simultaneous games at different skill-levels.

Tournaments are supported and enhanced by a variety of other available features like performance statistic tracking, player leader boards, and match history reports. Recently, a new pre-made team feature was released, which allows players to group with friends or acquaintances and compete against other pre-made teams in events.

The team at Attaq Online is currently developing additional features set for release in the near future including a proprietary player ranking system, dynamic flighting system, and new game modes.

Attaq Online plans to expand its League of Legends offering internationally in the near future and begin the addition of other popular esports games the first quarter of 2018.

About Ataq Online

Attaq Online, Inc. is a Woodlands, TX area based esports tournament platform development company currently providing gamers the opportunity to compete for cash and prizes in the world’s most popular online competitive team-based video game, League of Legends. The mission of the team at Attaq Online is to provide gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels access to online tournament gaming for cash, prizes, and glory and is accomplished via a seamless, automated platform that encourages team play and camaraderie, with balanced matches and advanced statistical monitoring.

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