The current world number 1 CS:GO team Astralis join forces with IMG’s web-based esports platform Boomeo to create and promote Boomeo’s platform together with new unique training and educational content.

As part of the relationship, facilitated by RFRSH Entertainment, Astalis will use Boomeo servers and game mods for practice and preparation for tournaments and additionally, members of Astralis will be producing exclusive content for Boomeo to be released throughout the summer. In a livestream Monday 8pm CEST / 2pm EST, gla1ve, dupreeh, kjaerbye and xyp9x of Astralis will present the Boomeo platform – including a world premiere!

Frederik Byskov, Manager of Astralis: “We’re excited to work with Boomeo, who is breaking new ground, when it comes to both educational content and specific skill training. For us it’s about continuously developing as a team and as individuals, and to constantly move forwards. The competition in CS:GO is fierce and the cooperation with professionals like Boomeo is a part of our strategy to constantly improve to stay ahead.”

Simon Abitbol, Founder of Boomeo: “I am extremely excited for Boomeo to be partnering with Astralis. They are some of the world’s best players and their feedback will be tremendously helpful to improving our current mods, and designing future ones. We’ll be producing some amazing training content with them as well, adding to our ever-growing library, so Astralis fans will be able to learn directly from their heroes.”

The partnership will be discussed further during tonight’s live stream event where Astralis players will compete against each other and be amongst the first to test the new leaderboards in Boomeo’s new “Pre-Fire” training map, at TIME live on Twitch: YouTube:

Astralis will be using Boomeo servers and game mods, including Duels, Pre-Fire, Deathmatch and Retakes, to warm up and train for competitions.

As Boomeo’s second proprietary game mod, Prefire will teach users the fundamentals of CS:GO, including the common Prefire spots with punishments for over-peaking. Boomeo’s Prefire is available on all eight maps with course timing and overall timing, allowing users to track and improve their speed as well as see how they stack up against the pros.

Boomeo users can log-in and be automatically placed into CS:GO training modules, some of which have existed for years such as Deathmatch and Retakes, and several new and exciting ones proprietary to Boomeo, including “Duels,” which has been getting amazing feedback as the “Deathmatch Replacer,” and Prefire.

The website will also add the ability for premium users to track lifetime statistics and personal leaderboards.

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